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Why Should I Live In Allen, Texas?

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The July edition of D Magazine has an extensive article and section rating the Top 63 Best Suburbs in North Texas. Allen, Texas was once again recognized as one of the Top 10 coming in at #10. The categories used to determine the final results were varied, but there was a large emphasis on four major areas including crime, education, population and real estate in the final scoring. With the top score being 100, Allen’s final score was an Ambiance Score of 80. Many of the numbers used for the score calculation and final results are listed below.

Allen showed to have a median age of 35 for the residents that live within the city of 26.3 miles. Based on 2013 estimates the population is 92,020 which equates to a population density of 3,500 people per square mile. Allen has experienced a population growth of 111.3% between the years 2000-2013.

The crime statistics were also very impressive as Allen has .062 violent crimes per 1,000 residents and 16.00 nonviolent crimes per 1,000 residents. These numbers once again validate what a great city and community Allen is to raise a family.

As mentioned, education and schools was an important focus on the study and Allen ISD did very well. Students passing the STARR K-11 was 93% and 1588 was the mean SAT score. Allen ISD spends an average of $4,157 per student for instruction spending and shows that 81.7% of their students take the SAT/ACT college entrance exams.

Real estate was also very important in the rankings and Allen experienced an increase in home sale prices of 12.6% between 2011-2013. In 2013 the average home sales price in Allen was $278,844 and the percentage of owner-occupied homes was 79.4% for the city. Allen was also given a walkability score of 25 which was the fourth highest of the Top 10 suburbs listed.

I hope that you will consider Allen, Texas if you are looking for a new home. Allen is truly one of the most desired locations in North Texas to live and raise a family. Source: D Magazine July 2014 Edition

Steve Lester is a REALTOR with Keller Williams Realty living in Allen, Texas.

Email: SteveLesterHomes@gmail.com

Website: SteveLesterHomes.net

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