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Watters Creek At Montgomery Farm In Allen Expanding

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ImageTrademark Property Company is ready to start on a 120 unit apartment and retail building at the popular Watters Creek in Allen, Texas. This new residential and retail building will expand the concept within the 52 acre development. The retail part that will be located on the ground floor of this new project will most likely be a cafe for residents and visitors to Watters Creek.

This is a fairly major evolution for this project, and we’ll see this with other projects moving forward, Trademark CEO stated. Along with the new residential and retail building, Trademark is planning to develop a hotel as part of this phase of the project. The current timeline is for the developments to be completed by early 2015.

Watters Creek is currently under a $2.5 million dollar repositioning project that includes a children’s play area, a new water feature and a new soccer practice field that will be under the operation of FC Premier Soccer. Already completed is the 51-foot high LED Watters Creek sign.

If you have not had an opportunity yet to visit Watters Creek, I would highly suggest you do so. The dining, shopping, and weekend activities and entertainment is very family friendly and easily accessible at U.S. 75 and Bethany Drive in Allen. Source: Dallas Business Journal and Candace Carlisle

Steve Lester is a REALTOR living in Allen, Texas.


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