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City of Allen Opens Hillside Park

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Allen’s newest park has opened and is aimed at teenagers and adults that are looking for a different place to work out. Hillside Park replaces the typical playground design with a ring of exercise equipment targeted at keeping adults in shape. “It’s not play equipment” states Jeff Mues who is the Senior Marketing Director with the city of Allen. “Most parks are designed for kids, and this is fitness equipment for people to work out. It’s a wellness park for anyone from teenagers on up” continues Mr. Mues.

Hillside is part of a deal between the city of Allen and the owners of Blue Sky Sports Center. The two parties had an agreement when the soccer complex was built in 2010 that the city would build a park adjacent to it at 950 E. Main Street.

The exercise equipment can be used by Allen residents at any time during daylight hours. The equipment is accompanied by charts that provide exercises appropriate for various skill levels. Hillside Park also includes benches, picnic tables, walking paths and a concave pavillion.

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Steve Lester is a REALTOR living in Allen, Texas.                                                                      




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