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Southlake Named Best Overall Neighborhood By Dallas Morning News

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The Dallas Morning News has named Southlake as their top pick in their 13 part series to determine Best Overall Neighborhood. The article in Sunday’s edition provides a list of the Top 10 neighborhoods that have been chosen based on the data and responses of North Texans that participated in their survey. The survey focused on the importance that residents placed on certain key issues with Safety being most important with respondents at 54.1%! Affordability at 11.9% and Schools at 6.9% were the next two (2) in importance to those that participated in the survey. Overall, there were eleven (11) key issues and priorities that were used to determine the final results and one (1) additional that was not rated which was Friendly Neighbors at 3.1%. The schools in Southlake have been a cornerstone in the development of the pride in the community and the sense of unity that Southlake residents seem to exhibit. The school district is one of a limited number in the state that has been rated exemplary by the Texas Education Agency.

For more details, information, and results please visit the link listed below.

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